Physical Education / All grades / Mr Kasper / Paddles

The physical education department would like to purchase a set of 32 paddles and balls for the sport of Pickleball.
Rationale: We are finding that when our students are exposed to a sport/activity to which they have limited knowledge or previous experience, the levels of achievement are nearly neutral. An example of this can be understood through the comparison of basketball to omnikinball. Students begin acquiring the skills/knowledge associated with basketball from a very early age. However, when we introduced omnikinball, it was apparent that the greater majority of students were unaware of the sport and the skills associated with it. Therefore, by introducing pickleball, our goal would be to create a more skill-neutral environment whereby all students have the same opportunities to grow and excel. We currently are using one set from the high school and one from KD Markley but would benefit greatly by having our own. We thank you for your generosity and dedication to our school.