Family and Consumer Sciences / All Grades / Mrs Urban and Mrs Pridgen / Elmo Room

We would like to request an Elmo for the foods room in the Family and Consumer Science department. We have enjoyed using the Elmo in the sewing room, however there are many uses for it in the foods room. We would like to be able to do food demonstrations where all students will be able to view the cooking technique. We also use this room for sewing and would use this Elmo to demonstrate different stitches, button sewing and other skills that are difficult for the students to view as a full class. This Elmo would be used by every student in the building. Every student takes FCS class 6th, 7th and 8th grade. The Elmo would be used several times a day for different grades. Will contact tech department for specific details regarding the Elmo. 

Thank you for the equipment. It has become an invaluable instruction device in our classroom.