Update faculty dining room.




And another big thank you for the beautifully updated faculty room!  It felt like we were walking into an HGTV make over show!  From simply rearranging the sofas so they are actually a conversation area, to the work counter, to the beautiful decorations - it is amazing!  Thanks to everyone who played a part in redoing this area for us.  It is so appreciated.

The faculty dining room was amazing when I walked in on Monday.  It has been the talk of the staff all week.  Teachers can often get agoraphobic with the stressors of their classroom, but many teachers have been using the space to escape, breathe and check in with each other.  It was such a nice surprise.  And doing the work on the weekend to amaze everyone on Monday.  It was really thoughtful.

Thank you very much for the extremely impressive transformation of the Faculty Dining Room.  I know a great deal of time and effort went in to the project and I am very appreciative to work in a school district where there are parents willing to do something so kind for the teachers. Please pass along my thanks to all of the parents involved.  The staff was very impressed and grateful when they saw the results of the groups hard work.