Teacher Thanks

Parent donations play a crucial role in preserving the many unique educational programs that extend our students’ learning experience beyond the classroom walls such as; interactive assemblies, Camp Henlopen and Washington D.C.  In addition, the PTO funds classroom enhancements requested by teachers and the principal. Examples of previous purchases are; microscopes for all the 7th grade science labs, a video camera for the TV studio, an Elmo projector for the family and consumer science team, planters and soil for autistic support, emotional assistance items, bookmarks for each student, buzzers for the "Quiz-Bowl-Team" and the water bottle refill stations around the school. 

The teachers have shared their thank you’s here and on our social media page.

Music/ All Grades / Mr Cellini / Music Accessories.

Request for music accessories
(1) Kun Collapsible Violin Shoulder Rest (4/4 size) – Item # 1313 C – $25.95
(1) Kun Collapsible Viola Shoulder Rest (fits 15” - 17” size) – Item # 1314 C – $26.95
(2) Kun Junior Violin Shoulder Rest (fits 1/2 - 3/4 size) – Item # 1313 J – $22.95 each
(1) Everest EZ Viola Shoulder Rest – Item # 1338V – $22.99
(1) Everest Foldable Violin Shoulder Rest – Item # 1338F – $20.49 
(1) Everest EZ Violin Shoulder Rest (4/4 Size) – Item # 1338 44 – $13.99
(1) Everest EZ Shoulder Rest (3/4 Size) – Item # 1338 34 – $13.99
(1) Everest EZ Shoulder Rest (1/2 Size) – Item # 1338 12 – $13.99
(5) Xeros Cello Endpin Anchor in Black – Item # 1147 – $12.99 each



Computer applications / All grades / Mr Neil Young / IPAD charging stations.

I am requesting a 10 IPad charging station in my computer apps classroom. Now that 2/3 of the school students are using their Ipads in nearly every class, I am seeing a tremendous increase in the number of students who need to have it charged throughout the day. Computer Apps class is usually a time when they are on desktops and their IPads can charge without interrupting their learning.

I received my charging stations a few weeks ago and have them set up and the students are taking full advantage of them.

PTO pic.jpg

Math / 6th Grade / Mrs Jennifer Schultz / 2 bean bags.

The request below is for 2 chairs so that i can create a sensory / cool down area within my class room for students with emotional regulation needs.


I cannot thank you enough for your generosity of donations for my classroom!  These fidget items and seating options have been on my classroom wish list for a very long time.   This was my first request from the PTO, and I need to tell you it was like Christmas for the students and me as the items arrived.   All items are being used almost on a daily basis.

Update faculty dining room




And another big thank you for the beautifully updated faculty room!  It felt like we were walking into an HGTV make over show!  From simply rearranging the sofas so they are actually a conversation area, to the work counter, to the beautiful decorations - it is amazing!  Thanks to everyone who played a part in redoing this area for us.  It is so appreciated.

The faculty dining room was amazing when I walked in on Monday.  It has been the talk of the staff all week.  Teachers can often get agoraphobic with the stressors of their classroom, but many teachers have been using the space to escape, breathe and check in with each other.  It was such a nice surprise.  And doing the work on the weekend to amaze everyone on Monday.  It was really thoughtful.

Thank you very much for the extremely impressive transformation of the Faculty Dining Room.  I know a great deal of time and effort went in to the project and I am very appreciative to work in a school district where there are parents willing to do something so kind for the teachers. Please pass along my thanks to all of the parents involved.  The staff was very impressed and grateful when they saw the results of the groups hard work.

Language Arts / 6th Grade / Mrs Jennifer Motzer / Flexible seating

“Flexible seating" may have the benefits of "burning more calories, using up excess energy, improving metabolism, increasing motivation and engagement, creating a better oxygen flow to the brain, and improving core strength and overall posture". The items, in particular, will provide students with sensory input during daily independent reading and writing that is not achievable through traditional seats.

Thank you to our PTO for funding some flexible seating options- a new rug, 2 bean-bag chairs, and 4 floor desks! We have a sign-up sheet so everyone has a chance to use them!

Math / 6th Grade / Mrs Jennifer Schulz / 3 Stability balls.

Requesting Stability ball / rings (so that they stay in place) to add to my classroom seating. I have been researching overall benefits of flexible seating arrangements as well as research into movement within the school day and the importance of it for focus. Not having recess for 6th graders - they need to move!! I would love to have these as another seating option in my room.


Math / 6th Grade / Mrs Jennifer Schulz / Headphones

Requesting updated headphones for my classroom. We use the ipads often for independent work (review videos, practice quizzes) and even standardized testing (where the test is read to students). Having some extra headphones within the classroom as "backup" has proven to be a huge asset. The ones I currently have are so old that they do not fit into the ipad headphone jack. Science has this model (we sometimes borrow), and the students really love them! Requesting 12 pairs


Having a classroom set of headphones has been a huge help with the apps and online tools that we use during small groups in class.


Math / 6th Grade / Mrs Jennifer Schulz / Stress balls

Requesting stress balls for my students to provide sensory input during long testing situations or to assist with overall focus during a lengthy assignment.


The fidget/stress balls and leg bands are really good tools to have in my general "tool box" for whenever students are in need of getting some energy out, but continue to work.   Again - thank you so much for your generosity.   The impact the items have had on my classroom have been so positive!

Math / 6th Grade / Mrs Jennifer Schultz / Large rubber exercise bands

Requesting large rubber exercise bands to provide sensory input for my students that need this in order to allow them to focus better throughout lessons. These bands will be tied to desks/tables/chairs so that the student can swing feet / stretch feet /move feet in a quiet manner without being distracting to others.


The fidget/stress balls and leg bands are really good tools to have in my general "tool box" for whenever students are in need of getting some energy out, but continue to work.   Again - thank you so much for your generosity.   The impact the items have had on my classroom have been so positive!